FAQ: Are you sick? (non-COVID)

Please reschedule if you have any of the following symptoms:

+ unknown cough of more than 3x day (wet or dry)

+ fever

+ chills or body aches

+ diarrhea or vomiting/nausea

+ new loss of smell or taste

+ runny nose

Reschedule to atleast 5 days after all your symptoms disappear or when your cough lessens to atleast 1-2 coughs a day. (note: if you have a cough, please double mask at your appointment.)

New Clients

Thank you for allowing us to service you. Please find the information below useful for your upcoming appointment.

What you can do now:

  1. Please read the Q&A online and fill out your DIGITAL RELEASE FORM: https://waxingbycariann.wordpress.com/contact/  (If you have trouble filling out this form, Try this direct link: https://form.jotform.com/201246291650146 )

This form needs to be completed prior to arriving at your appointment otherwise your appointment may be forfeited. You may update this form in the future if there are major changes in health history or contact/billing information.


2. Browse this website to find helpful tips on how to prepare your your appointment and subscribe to updates.

On the day of your appointment:

3. Don’t forget to use the bathroom before leaving home.

4. WBC is located at The Stadium Mall shopping center at 4510 Salt Lake Blvd (around the corner from Mark’s Drive In and fronting Jack in the Box’s Drive thru window). There will be two reserved stalls in front of the shop for you, however if it’s taken, please find any open unmarked stall. 

5. Wait in your vehicle and text me 808-620-8449 with your name and I will let you know when you may enter. 

6. Masks are recommended. Once inside, please change into spa slippers (or go barefoot/with socks) and place your shoes on the side.

7. Credit/Debit card, Venmo, Apple Pay or cash payments are accepted. All credit card transactions including debit cards, incur a convenience fee of 3.288%. All payments will include state tax 4.712%.

Updated Travel Protocols (4/2022)

Effective immediately

If you have travelled off island, or live with someone who has travelled, we kindly ask that you reschedule for atleast 2 days before coming to your appointment (vaccinated or not).

As always, please monitor yourself or others in your household for sick symptoms.

If you need to make a change or reschedule your appointment, please contact Cariann immediately via text to (808)620-8449.

Know your Brazilian maintenance cycle

“The Newbie” 

  They haven’t done a Brazilian before or it’s their first time with Cariann. No problem, with Cariann’s knowledge and training in the beauty and healthcare field, she is licensed to provide the safest and almost pain-free waxing experience!

“The 3-weeker”

  Either their hair grows quicker than the average or they just can’t stand hair.  Maintaining the Brazilian every 3 weeks can be beneficial with damaging the hair follicle at an immature state so they can be permanently hairless in a shorter time.  It is also pretty painless!  Watch out though!  Their skin may become more sensitive due to the reduced amount of time in between appointments.

“The 4-weeker” 

  These gals love to be the average.  Just the right amount of hair regrowth and easy commitment to once a month visits are the best way to maintain.  This is the most recommended cycle.

“The 5-weeker”

  They are a bit daring.  They don’t want to be labeled as the average yet they know if they wait too long they are looking at doing a “full Brazilian” again.  Be careful!  This week is when the ingrowns like to show up—exfoliate more!

“The 6-weeker to 1 year”

  Oops!  No biggie, Cariann totally understands that life can get in the way but let’s get back to taking care of you!  These ladies know that waiting longer than 6-weeks can feel similar to the “first brazilian.” Remember Cari’s “blowing technique” to help any discomfort!  Cari recommends that they schedule their next appointment to get them back into the routine!

 Or, these ladies could also be veterans at waxing.  They most likely don’t grow enough hair at all at this point due to their consistency to waxing and lucky genes.  Congratulations for reaching this point!  They should have less than 25% of hair return.   

“The one who waits longer than 1 year”

  They love living on the edge.  These women are usually getting their Brazilian done because they have a very special event.  Unfortunately, there is little to no improvement when it comes to hair loss.  This experience is like the very first time all over again however they can look forward to surprising someone very special!