New Clients

Thank you for allowing us to service you. Please find the information below useful for your upcoming appointment.

What you can do now:

  1. Please read the Q&A online and fill out your DIGITAL RELEASE FORM:  (If you have trouble filling out this form, Try this direct link: )

This form needs to be completed prior to arriving at your appointment otherwise your appointment may be forfeited. You may update this form in the future if there are major changes in health history or contact/billing information.


2. Browse this website to find helpful tips on how to prepare your your appointment and subscribe to updates.

On the day of your appointment:

3. Don’t forget to use the bathroom before leaving home.

4. WBC is located at The Stadium Mall shopping center at 4510 Salt Lake Blvd (around the corner from Mark’s Drive In and fronting Jack in the Box’s Drive thru window). There will be two reserved stalls in front of the shop for you, however if it’s taken, please find any open unmarked stall. 

5. Wait in your vehicle and text me 808-620-8449 with your name and I will let you know when you may enter. 

6. Masks are recommended. Once inside, please change into spa slippers (or go barefoot/with socks) and place your shoes on the side.

7. Credit/Debit card, Venmo, Apple Pay or cash payments are accepted. All credit card transactions including debit cards, incur a convenience fee of 3.288%. All payments will include state tax 4.712%.

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